Old Photos

82705-02Hammer Island in the 1920's looking west towards Altamont Pass. 
Those aren't catfish, not sure what they are, Shad?

More in 1920's era. Woman with the fish is Hans Hammer's first wife,
I don't know her name. Maybe she's with her parents? In the distance is 
the houseboat that was eventually added on to the Hans Hammer cabin as 
the kitchen. 
Hans and wife
At Hammer cabin, Hans Hammer and wife in the late 1920's, Early 1930's. 
The cabin exists today in original condition more or less.
Summer 1945
Jumping up to 1945. Hans Hammer cabin. l to r: Hans Hammer, 
Helen Middleton, Bill Middleton Jr., (of Middleton Island), 
Bill Middleton Sr., JoAnne Frudden (Middleton), Joan Wilson. 
Cabin was called "The Wooden Shoe" (above front windows).
Old Photos